Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gold Rush Brides

Yes!  5 in 5.   Movies that is.  We are on target for our 12 movies in 12 months.

Normally I'd call a movie about bridesmaids to be a chick flick.  Now, I'm not above seeing those - I mean, I saw The Devil Wears Prada the first week of release and liked it.

But I didn't see Bridesmaids as a chick flick.  It is a Judd Apatow (Superbad, the 40 Year Old Virgin, etc).  ...and it has Kristen Wiig, so how bad could it be?

To be safe, we had a chick with us.  Dith came up to visit us for the day!!!  Yay!!!!!   So we could go to a women's movie and still not be too queer.  As it turns out, there were about a dozen other men in the theater.

It is not quite as raunchy as I thought it might. That is not bad or good. It just is.  It has it's crude moments (and you know I'm a fan of that) when it comes to some poop and puke jokes.  Morty and Torn would be fine with that.   More than fine.  Don't get me wrong, that scene was hilarious. Everyone in the place was in hysterics.  The good thing, it's not all about wedding planning - a trap they could have easily fallen into and would have sucked like all the rest of those movies.

The combo in the group works well, and while Wiig is great, the best bridesmaid is clearly Sookie who was in the Gilmore Girls.  She totally made the movie.   Becky will be happy to know this now that she just started watching the Gilmore Girls - 3 years after it went off the air.  Timely.

The chick from Reno 9-1-1 was horribly under-utilized in my opinion.

The movie had good sight gags as well as funny jokes.  And Jon Hamm, for what little he's in it, is funny including a scene where Wiig turns down an offer of performing oral sex on him - like anyone is denying him that!  I can only suspend my disbelief so much!

Poor Jill Clayburgh makes her final movie appearance. Not poor because she's bad, just that it mostly likely filmed shortly before her death...and she didn't look all that healthy.  A sad reminder.

Any movie who starts off and ends with Blondie's "Rip Her to Shreds" can't ever be bad, right?

We had a good time and good laughs.  Ditto and Denton enjoyed it too, I think.  There were not any really good previews.  Maybe one.....starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.  Not good enough for me to remember a title or anything, but it's like the male version of Freaky Friday.  I don't know it will make the movie cut......time will tell.

Song by:  10,000 Maniacs


rebecca said...

So jaylous! You were a great bridesmaid yourself, btw...
(LOL my scramble word is "roxytorg!" Sounds like one of your readers...)

Mike said...

I was going to say that i couldn't remember the last time i was in a movie theater...but then i remembered. It was The King's Speech last winter, when the folks behind me slowly and loudly ate a big bag of popcorn.

You must have more patience that me. Love, love, love movies, but have become a snob who'd rather wait for release on NetFlix. (And hey, my popcorn is free and tastes better. And no sticky floors in my apartment!)

I've been a bad blogger of late..but enjoy catching up with you on your blog. Happy spring.

D said...

I saw Bridesmaid today... I wasn't that impressed. As with all SNL actors, when they do other things all their characters come out... and Kristin Wiig was no exception. I thought it was incredibly slow... and there were a few hysterical moments, but for the most part, I thought it would be much more funny than it was. The actress from Mike and Molly stole the show... and the cop was so adorable that I wish there was more of him. All in all, entertaining, but not as good as it could have been.