Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things Change

As I launch into a new week of blogging and travel, and really it's about the latter, I need something to fill a blog post.

Not much is changing in my blog. On the other hand, the look of this tells you I'm fibbing a bit.

Older Long time readers to my blog might remember my current header, which in switching from Blogger to WordPress and then to my own URL, I lost tons of pictures and comments and well, the header.  This upset me greatly.  I mean, not enough to do anything about it for the last two years, but it was in the back of my mind for a while.

Since I still edit via Blogger, and was using their "classic" format, getting the header back was no easy task. I'd stop and start several times over....and then just give up.  All the instructions out there, or most of them, are for a new version of Blogger, which would make it easy.  But I was wary of updating to the new Blogger editor as there were warnings of losing content and all.

You can see where losing stuff two or three times made me wary.  But I took the plunge on Sunday, carefully backing up everything and doing previews before hitting 'save template'.

I'm not thrilled with the actual template, as I really like the simplicity of mine.  This is close.  And closer than any of the other choices they had out there.   I might look around for other templates, but don't expect any immediate change.  I'm still too hesitant to do much more at this point.

Other changes are to my blogroll.  Most won't see much, or anything, different.  Some people have kept their blogs, but are now using WordPress.  Some of changed their templates, most have not.  On one, I finally got around to putting in the correct name of the blog.  Their URLs have changed (or some of them), but all you're doing, if accessing from my site, is clicking the hyperlink anyways.  So no loss of functionality for you.

I have had to 86 a few links though.

My friend Kris has seemingly given up on her blog.  She's a great writer and friend, but I know work and motherhood have put her blogging way down the list of things to do.  I totally get that.

The other loss is of Curtis.  While rarely a frequent blogger or commenter, I always his enjoyed his blog and his comments to my blog, or his emails directly to me.  He's been deep into technical difficulties with his site for months and it is not looking like something he can resolve.  Not easily, anyways.

So, since some others were doing updates - visual or not - I felt it to be a good jumping off point for me to get going on this.

Now if ANYONE knows how to get all my images back that I lost about a year ago - and all the way  back to the beginning of blog-time, hit me up.   Some of those images I clearly have in a folder, but was hoping not to go and try to match them up to those 1500 posts that are now missing them.


Song by:  Dwight Yoakam


Cubby said...

You know, your blog has confused me from the start. You have a blogger template but the term "blogspot" does not appear in your address. I didn't know what was going on, but now I do.

Birdie said...

I can't help you with your pics, but I do love the header. I wish I could expand the width of my main column, but other than that I have no desire to change anything on my blog. Your new template has a nice clean look.

anne marie in philly said...

the header reminds me of the first typewriter I ever used for school reports back in the 60s.

and I DO loves me some dwight yoakam....ummmmm, those tight jeans...well, you can see where THIS thought is going...