Monday, May 02, 2011

My Music Monday

.....and now for something completely different....

Or, maybe not.

The more I think of it, the more I'm not sure I have "a" musical taste.  Normally, "chick singers" comes to mind, but looking at my music liberry it's probably a 50/50 split on the gender thing.

I like rock, but I can't say I'm big into heavy metal.  Speed metal is definitely out. Hell, even some rap I like more than that.

As for this song, I don't know how to qualify it.  Snow Patrol featuring Martha Wainright.

You might know Snow Patrol from their decent, but so overplayed you know hate it, "Chasing Cars" song.  They still have good stuff and while this song, "Set Fire to the Third Bar", doesn't show it, sometimes you have to pick out words from the lead singer's thick Scottish accent.

Martha Wainwright I want to like more.  I like her father (Loudon the III).  I like her brother (Rufus).  I'm supposed to like her mother and sister (Kate & Anna McGarrigle) more.......but I don't....not really.  Martha falls into the same category as her mom and sister.

I bought Martha's debut disk and was totally unimpressed.  Her voice is good for backing her father or brother, but kind of grates on me as a lead.  Her voice is a bit too thin.

Wow, I'm really selling this upcoming song, aren't I?

Since she doesn't truly take lead on this song, it works.  I don't feel I can categorize the song or the style as a certian type of music.  Adult Alternative?   I dunno.   It took me a number of listens before I appreciated it, but I do actually like the tune.

That there is a video at all surprises me too. Maybe it was big enough to release in Canada (Wainwright) or Scotland/UK (Snow Patrol), but I can't imagine the song was ever released in the states.

I'm assuming it's something different for most of you.  I'm laying odds that most of my readers haven't heard the song.    ....and as always, I'm apologizing for any ad you have to sit through before the song starts.


Anonymous said...

I agree that “Chasing Cars” was over played. IMO Snow Patrol’s real brilliance shows in “Run”. I thought for a second (and was hoping) we were going to get a glimpse of your limited but existing heavy metal tastes.

Greg said...

Whenever she sings, I always want to scream at her to use her "big girl" voice. It's a decent song, but I think "A Hundred Million Suns" is the better album.