Monday, May 09, 2011

My Music Monday

Indicative of nothing, I have one CD by the group Lush and admittedly it is for one song.

I wanted to like their other stuff too, but I didn't and got hung up on the song "Ladykillers".   I like(d) the rhythm and the lyrics.  I like the vocal phrasing. I like the line "when you say you love me; you're just flattering your vanity".   I don't know why, I just do.

That there is a video for the song is a surprise to me.  I had never seen it before selecting the song for this post. It's not a great video at all, but there was no other way to deliver the song to you guys.

"Ladykillers" certainly fits the bill of a song that would be good to Spin to.  That is when I can get back to it.  My foot still hurts.'s the song.  Some will like it, most will not.  But it's been rotating through my iPod for over a decade now, so I mean, it is MY music Monday.   Not yours.  


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Anonymous said...

I always thought this song was kind of a rip off of “Waking Up” by the 90s Brit pop group “Elastica”. If you are not familiar with Elastica I bet you would enjoy their first album. Anonymous suggests its worth a look.

Ur-spo said...

I enjoy your music mondays; i confess I don't always care for what I hear, but I enjoy the experience to experience new things. And once in a while, I say 'well!" and find something new and marvelous for me, thanks to you!

Wonder Man said...

this was interesting