Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lost Cause

Oh no........Liz Cheney lost her primary.   


Now do the 'oh nos' but with the intended flat affect. 

I appreciate the tenacity Cheney has been doing regarding January 6th hearings. But you do know that a few months of work she was supposed to be doing ANYWAY does not absolve her of being a truly horrible fucking woman, right? 

Granted Cheney shouldn't have to be one of two (three?) republicunts who are against, oh staging a coup and being ok with taking, lying and hiding classified nuclear documents, yet here we are. 

Yes she is doing her job, the one all of her colleagues clearly are not, but she's not really going above and beyond here. This IS the expectation. It just seems like she's above it all because Jim "Sure, Go Ahead and Sexually Abuse Students on my Watch" Jordan & Co are so low it only seems like she's a good person. 

She might be a 'better' person, but let's be honest - there is not a Cheney alive who is 'good'. 

Lord, there are reports saying she might run for President, to stop BLOTUS. IF she finishes this Jan 6th thing before she has to leave office, she can stop him there. Indict the motherfucker.  I mean, if you want to run to stop Ron DeSantis, there's that too. 

If she wants to fuck over the GOP like they've done her, then run as an independent. She could bleed off enough votes to become the Ralph Nader of Wyoming. Maybe the GOP loses enough to her - where she can't possibly win - that the Democrat takes the victory. 

My friend Peter - who has lots of time on his hands and equally hates the Dem as much as he does the GOP - has dozens of FB posts per day. So much so, that I lovingly call it - to his face -  Peter's House of Discontent TM.    Peter has it in his head that the Dems suck so much that they'd give Cheney the chair of the Department of Defense. 

I don't see that happening. Even if Pappy Joe tried such a thing, confirmation from the Senate would never happen. 

OMG - I just thought:  wouldn't it suck if Liz was the first female president? 

So no, I don't feel bad for Liz. First off, Mary Ingalls could have 'seen' the loss coming. Nate Silver, not so much (probably), but Mary, yes. 

Don't blame the loss on her though. That was all McConnell and McCarthy. They eat their own. And it worked / works. No one else  - other than Adam Kinzinger - has remotely stepped out of line due to this. Double down and go down with the ship. 

Except the won't. They've been this evil for the last four years and no sign of any wear and tear. Horrible. 

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Old Lurker said...

If Cheney ran as an independent I would worry that she would bleed off more Democrat votes than Republican ones. The left seems to love her for some reason.

Say what you want about the Cheneys (and I largely agree), but Mary was probably a moderating force preventing the Repubs from putting on a full-out assault on LGBTQ+ rights during Dubya's presidency.