Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Sound Of...

A year or two back, both Mike and I picked Sound of Metal as our selections for Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing in our annual movie guessing game. 

We both won that round. But neither of us had actually seen the movie. At least now, I have. We (710 and I, not Mike and I) had it bookmarked on Prime to view and we watched it on Saturday. 

I liked it. I didn't love love it. 

The 15 second elevator ride description: a musician loses his hearing and had to adapt at being deaf.  Wait. I guess that is the 6 second ride. 

Riz Ahmed does a great job about a man in his prime who is a drummer in a metal band. Even in the first scene you see / hear he is noticing that change. How he deals with it is realistic and not. Yes, to the anger, scariness and trying to reject it. No, to some of the timelines. 

While I need to mention he is recovering drug addict, it factors more into how he finds a community of deaf people who are all trying to remain sober. And how he fits in to this community of folks who all either lip read or sign. Ahmed's Ruben does neither of these things, as he is very newly deaf. 

The main counselor is very well played.  Ruben's girlfriend is a bit milquetoast. Had she been played by the woman who played Claire on Six Feet Under, the character could have been amazing. 

I will give the screenwriter(s) and director this - they don't fall into many (if any) clich├ęs, which would have been the easy thing to do. 

You totally get why the movie won two Oscars for sound. It's done very well here.  

It is a decent two hours. I'm glad we saw it. 

2022 Movie Count / Goal: 08 of 15

Song by: Jann Arden

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