Thursday, August 04, 2022

Mr. Jones

First off, I'm calling 'bullshit' on the headlines that are being made yesterday regarding the "accidentally" part. 

Bull. Shit. 

Alex Jones' lawyers had to know they were representing massive pond scum. Perhaps - just perhaps - they didn't know it at first, but at some point you have to realize the money you might be getting from him might take down your firm and your reputation for good. 

Hell, even Jones' company - that was taking in $800,000 a day {allegedly} filed for bankruptcy five days ago. There is no way in hell he was going to pay the Sandy Hook parents a dime, and I'm guessing his current lawyers are figuring they're getting as much as those parents 

So, they pulled the trigger  Or 'send' icon in Outlook along with two years worth of cellphone information. 

Damning evidence all. 

His claims if not having / using email were hard to defend when they had emails from him. His claims of searching his cellphone / texts regarding Sandy Hook came up with diddly squat (is that one word?). Lies. All lies.  His claims of Sandy Hook never happening went up in smoke too. Of course, now he's saying it 100% happened, 

I'm not sure which lie is worse. The one to propagate a conspiracy theory (and to what end?) or the lie to say he knows it happened when he either didn't (he did!) or that he was making it all up for his own gain. 

I love the defense lawyer's question to him: "You know what perjury is, right?".  I keep seeing that in articles, but I never hear what the response was, 

The defense also presented evidence that Jones is indeed not bankrupt. 

Best yet on this defense lawyer?  He's going to share his newfound evidence with the January 6th committee. Allegedly Jones was in cahoots with helping that planning or executing, or something. You gotta believe with two years worth of data - which now can probably be a premise for a warrant for additional cell data (I mean, unless the Secret Service has it) . 

I hope the Sandy Hook parents pick that man clean. I hope Jan 6th lands him in jail. 

But I still don't think it was an accident. Either way, he can sue is current lawyers from his jailhouse cell. 

Song by: Counting Crows


Bob said...

My first thought was "accidentally on purpose."

Old Lurker said...

Augh! Earworm!

I agree with you. It was no accident. It was a conspiracy.