Sunday, August 14, 2022


Sorry for the related image. You know I try not to have physical pictures of BLOTUS. 

It's still too early for me to unpack all that has gone on with that twat-bag, between Mar-a-Lago and taking the Fifth. 

If this were written for a television streaming service - with no changes, except for names and a gender here and there - no one in their right mind would think it was anything abut hyper-fiction. 

That's right. Not even real fiction. But storytelling on steroids. 

It is all so incredibly fucked up beyond belief that I cannot wrangle my thoughts to put anything down coherently. 

Maybe I never will be able to, but it definitely will not be today. 

If the events of the last few days just keep him from being able to run in 2024, I'd like to say that would be enough for me. 

It's a whopper of a lie I'm telling myself, but to mix my metaphors:  I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. 

Song by: Lindsey Buckingham


Old Lurker said...

Darn it! Where's the "skip" button??

Ur-spo said...

I keep waiting and hoping for the deck of cards to finally fall, and each time I think/hope 'this may be it' but I despair not even this one will do it.