Saturday, August 06, 2022

Arthur's Theme

It's the weekend, which means doggies and kitties. Some of them ours.  Some not. 

Cool house. Cool Cat. Hot Day. 

Greeting post-daycare. 

Bailey tries to pass off "innocent" after cornering Wally. 
"Who? ME?"

When they put Shep in charge of nap time at daycare. 

Work From Home Cat,

When Shep Met Arthur. 
He is a 4-month old Beagle. CUTE as Hell. 

Song by: Christopher Cross


Raybeard said...

When 'stranger' dogs meet they tend to act like each is meeting a long-lost friend, whereas cats who don't know each other are very wary or, more usually, downright hostile. But put a dog and a cat who haven't already 'met' together and anything can happen- like Bailey here who has already asserted his/her dominance over poor little Wally.

And while Sophie keeps a vigilant eye on the world, Shep just watches and takes things as they come. :-)

James Dwight Williamson said...

I think Shep wants Arthur to take a long walk on a short Pier

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Sophie looks regal.

Bob said...

Shep looks like a prison guard walking the wall overlooking the yard!

Old Lurker said...

Sophie seems displeased at your work productivity.