Wednesday, August 17, 2022


My alluding to having an ankle problem during my 12 of 12 is a real thing.  I knew it would be and knew I had to see someone. 

I'm still waiting. There was only a day's difference between my regular ortho guy and a stranger. I opted to wait - so I'll see him on Thursday.

The ache is now pain. The limp is significant.  The normal looking foot is swollen. 


I actually had to take the shuttle to my parking garage yesterday. I had to reassess the folks who take it, as I thought they were just too lazy to make the four minute walk. 

Irony was, I waited so long for the shuttle, I still could have walked faster. And I could have, but it was the pain. 

Ice helps. Kind of. The above picture elevation seems to help the most. 

I guess we'll see what Thursday brings, but I'm betting on a boot. 

Care to take wagers? 

Song by: Jimmy Eat World


Raybeard said...

AIEEEEE! Horrible, just HAW-ribble! I feel for you (though with some relief that I don't, at least literally). May you expeditiously get the help you need to get this nasty episode over with and behind you. Best of luck - and more!

Travel said...

Too much stress

Jonny said...

How about a Jon S Wager?!

Old Lurker said...

Oh, bother. I hope that the ankle is not badly injured, and that you heal up soon.

Anonymous said...

I want to gently kiss those hairy legs, as I slowly move upwards towards your thighs,,,,and higher....and keep planting those kisses as I move along