Thursday, August 25, 2022

Travelin' Man

We are taking some time off from work. Well deserved, I might add. 

While on the way to the beach, we are taking a few days in DC. That's been a thing for the last few years. 

It's a little different this year. DC is a walking town and well.................I'm a little slower this year walking around in that boot. 

The journey was long and fraught with small foibles that annoyed me. Things like, I couldn't find my wallet before I left, so my nose was out of joint before we even left the house. 

There were a few other things too, but I'm trying to chalk it up to 'eh - this is how it goes sometimes'.  An edible and three beers didn't hurt matter. The sub-par cookies n creme in a bowl was disappointing. 

It's just a day. Not the week. 

It wasn't all bad (though the parking garage - ugggggh).  Dinner was decent. 

Tomorrow will bring more fun........but in an ortho boot.  And btw..........?   P.  U.   when you take that off after 14 hours. 

Song by: Ricky Nelson


Old Lurker said...

DC?! You should meet up with Travel Penguin and his hamster. You can thank him for inspiring your Monday blogs.

James Dwight Williamson said...

The Obamas Portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery, I’d love to see them and so many others .

Travel said...

Welcome to DC,

Blobby said...

I'm around till very early Saturday morning. We saw the Obama portraits years ago (you can still search for that in my blog). We have plans for 1-2 exhibits at Hirshorn