Saturday, August 27, 2022

I Can't Hear You

It was National Dog Day yesterday. Just an FYI if you forgot and have a time machine to go back and make things right. 

But cats are important too. I believe their 'day' is just around the corner.

Shep meets me at the gate many days per week. I open said gate and let him into my car. 
We go for a 50 yard drive into the garage - and he is THRILLED 

Lately I let him sit in the front seat. He is mesmerized by this view. 

Sophie and her crossed paws gets me every time. 

Georgia is becoming very friendly with me. She's adorable. 

How I know Shep is Dad #2's dog. 


Sophie is now deaf. I suspected a while back, but we confirmed it - with our own scientific testing - and the poor girl can't hear.  It bums me out. 

She goes through the house YELLING at the top of her lungs. But when she sees you, it's a soft of silent meow. I still talk to her. I still call for her, though I know she can't hear me. I hope the look on my face is reassuring to her and that she isn't too too scared at the loss of one of her senses. 

Song by: Donnie Iris 


Old Lurker said...

Oh no. Poor Sophie.

Raybeard said...

How sad for little Sophie, though our only consolation is that she probably doesn't realise it. Now her eyes will have to do all the work. Still unspeakably sad though.

For Shep, everything that happens to him is one BIG adventure, even an insignificantly short trip in a car front seat is a 'Wow!'

And fluffy little Georgia just wannabes a friend. No problem there, little Missy!

James Dwight Williamson said...

One of my Labs has some hearing loss, he loves still being spoken to and he loves hand signals. I am sorry for Sophie and love that Shep got to ride shotgun.

Travel said...

She know you are there,

Bob said...

Sophie with the crossed paws looks a little judge-y to me; not that I mind, I'm always being judged by a cat!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Sophie but she is a lovely cat and I am sure she knowns that she is very much loved.