Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Burning Love

It was a rainy Monday afternoon............

And with not much to do, as we sat and read most of the rainy Monday morning, we went to the movies!

We saw Elvis, in IMAX. 

It was kind of on our list, and we figgered this would have to be the last week it would be in theaters (I think it's also playing on Apple TV - for a cost). 

I love(d) early Elvis. My friend Jon can tell you of the velvet Elvis painting I had hanging outside my apartment in Columbus (which someone stole).  It was more for kitsch than art, clearly.  

I had a prop-up Elvis from his 50,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong on my desk at work for years. 

And I was checking out his CDs from the liberry and playing them to death. It was a phase, but one that should not be ignored. The man was a fucking talent. 

Still, I wasn't sure about the movie, but there wasn't a whole lot else out there.  BullettrainTop Gun?  fuck. no.  I'm not funding Scientology. 

I'm not 100% what I thought of the movie. It's Baz Luhrmann, so you know it's gonna be excessive. And for the first 15 minutes, honestly, if you were epileptic it would not end well for you. 

It's visual. It's fictional (to a degree). It's busy It's long!  I mean, it is Luhrmann. It's bit over the top. But it's not bad.  It's not perfect. It's not great.  It's good. 

The movie is highly fictionalized and if truth be told would be called Col. Tom Parker if they thought it would sell more tickets. 

Tom Hanks is the problem with this movie. While heavy into prosthetics as Parker, you never don't know it's not Tom Hanks (yeah - that's a lot of negatives). The actor is distracting from the character. 

The guy who plays Elvis?  Ehhh. He's ok. Though for a few moments in the concert sections - especially the 1968 Comeback Special and during "Suspicious Minds" in his Vegas show, it is a little uncanny. The rest is more an homage than an impersonation. 

Credits and all are very Moulin Rouge-y and Great Gatsby-like. The quick shots and cutaways happen less and less as the movie goes on. It's unrelenting in the first portion. 

As it is mostly out of the theaters - there were only four of us there - you might just want to watch it on cable. 

2022 Movie Count / Goal: 09 of 15

Song by: Elvis Presley


James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m sure in hindsight Tom Hanks would and should have skipped this film.

Travel said...

I remember where I was when I heard on the radio he was dead.