Monday, August 15, 2022

My Music Monday

And Shuffle #10 stopped at a Cardigans song - one I had posted years back. So we went another 10 - and you get R.E.M. , but one I had not posted. so........yay you. 

"Bang and Blame" is old. it is. It's pushing 30 years old and came off their Monster album, which tried to have a semi-glam rock feel. I'm not sure the band actually managed that 

I have to say it has aged well. It doesn't sound like 1994 at all. It would be the second to last disk that drummer Bill Berry would appear. 

I'm sure much to many's annoyance, I would go to a Columbus gay bar, Trends, several evenings per week with a former friend. We would play pool and drink (not necessarily in that order) and I'd feed the jukebox money. As I am not wont to pick the Mariah chart toppers or anything Whitney, Taylor Dayne or the likes (it was the '90s people!) I'd put on things I wanted to hear...........and "Bang and Blame" alway made the cut, along with U2's "Lemon". 

....and I have just now added it to my running play list. 

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Travel said...

How an the 90's be 30 years ago?