Monday, August 22, 2022

My Music Monday

It's iTunes Roulette. 

.....and the winner is..............U2 with the title track of their 1984 album, the Unforgettable Fire

In my opinion, this is their last good album. Oh, people fawn over the follow-up disk to this, the Joshua Tree, but that was the beginning of the end for them for me. 

I will give the band this:  now and again, they had some great songs after Joshua Tree, but they didn't have great albums. 

But I loved - and love - "the Unforgettable Fire", the song. The album is when they started to become a little self-righteous.  I remember where on campus I went to purchase the album on the release date. I remember the first play and the first time I saw the video on MTV. 

It's still a great song.

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