Monday, August 08, 2022

My Music Monday

I know some of you (Jon!) don't like the Killers. I do and I don't. Their last two disks have been somewhat abysmal. Before that, if you took them at surface level, they were just more kind of somewhere between frat party band and and arena rock show. 

They are  - for the most part - easy to run to.  

And for the most part - I've purchased most of their albums sound unheard. That did not work for me for their last two outings. I plan on being more cautious next time around.......which might be soon. 

Covid, in a way, has been good from some musicians. Their output has been frequent. Like the Black Keys, the Killers are about to release their third release in as many years. 

Three days ago, the Killers released a new single, which indicates a new album. The song is "boy". Yes, lower cased. 

I heard it on my way to the gym on Friday morning, its release date.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable either. A few more listens on YouTube hasn't really changed my initial thoughts. 

Is it better than most anything on their last two disks?  Yeah, but it's not as good as most as anything on their first four disks either. 

Maybe in time it will grow on me. Music is like that with me. 

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A lot of techno beat,