Thursday, September 01, 2022

Express Yourself

As we all do, I have a few pet peeves. Almost all are self-inflicted. 

I like being on time. I don't care if others are as much. Even when I try to be late, I never am. The other one are my fingernails. 

I don't know what the white(r) part of the nail is called, but I don't like it. If too much "white" shows, I call them 'girly nails'.  I get that could be considered a pejorative phrase, but I stick by it, mostly because I've called them that forever and there is only so much rewiring my brain can handle. 

After they get to that length where the lighter hue appears, I clip them. 

Sure, it makes it much more difficult to get pistachios out of their shell, and in doing so I increase the chances of getting an abrasion underneath my trimmed digits.  ......but in my pea-brain, it's worth it. 

On this trip, I forgot a trimmer and axed 710 if he brought one. Of course, he did, though I was willing to run to Walgreens to get a pair if need be. 

I told him I needed to cut my 'girly nails' and he just rolled his eyes and me and sighed. 

"You make no sense at all. You have lavender toenails, which you're fine with, yet call your other nails 'girly'". 

Of course he's right.........not that I'd ever say that to him directly. 

Yes, I got colour on my tootsies for vacation. It was a whim and I'm sure I'll do it again. The time before this it was black and I wasn't wow'd. But I feel that the colour is a choice and the clipping is not. Again, the brain is hardwired that way - at least mine is.  

Colour is an expression. Clipping is a necessity. So while 710, in a way, is correct - in another way he is not. 

Song by: Madonna


Old Lurker said...

Lavender suits you.

Travel said...

manly toes

Ur-spo said...

I don't like my nails much either; i've only painted them once and it seems enough.