Monday, September 12, 2022

My Music Monday

The theme is: one of the titles from the previous week's posts. 

As there isn't a song with the title of "Shopping with Blobby"......yet........I'm going with Annie Lennox and "Money Can't Buy It" from her debut solo album, Diva

I gotta say, it freaks me out a bit that his album is THIRTY YEARS OLD this year.  How is that possible? 

That said, it is an album that has held up remarkably well for being three decades old. It's not dated at all. Inarguably (yes, INarguably) it is the best of her solo work. 

Unlike her work in Eurythmics, Lennox wrote most of the songs. In the band, she cowrote everything with Dave Stewart. She is a formidable songwriter, as well as musician and vocalist. 

Enjoy this "oldie". 

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