Thursday, September 22, 2022

Whammy Kiss

It wasn't a good day for BLOTUS & Co - and for that I am happy. 

I've said it before though: if you're gonna hit the king; you'd better kill the king. 

Clearly, he is not royalty except for the joker or flush king. And he's not all that funny. Fuck knows I haven't bee laughing since 2015's announcement of running for office. 

With the NY charges, it's not "staggering" fraud charges (well it kind of is) and it's potential $250MM fine, it is the additional penalty of being "permanently barred from serving as officers or directors in any New York company". 


I mean, I think the Feckless Cunt relocated to America's Wang anyway, no doubt to practice her short game on mommy's grave. That, and anyone she knew in NY pretends like she doesn't exist. 

Jr is too coked up to even know where he is; and their brother is too stupid to know where he is. 

But for the double whammy: the courts gave access to the Mar-a-Lago files back to the DOJ. 

While I haven't really read a lot of any of this - I'm sure / guessing the words "witch hunt" were used. I'm tired of the laws only applying to others or that "news" outlets don't point that out during interviews. They're so afraid that family won't talk to them at all, they avoid actual news. 

Still, state charges aren't open for pardon, so..............ha. And I'm thinking a felony leaves someone out of 2024. Well, that and sweet sweet death. 

Listen.......a boy can dream!

Song by: the B-52's

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