Friday, September 09, 2022

Her Majesty

The queen is dead. Long live the king. 

Well, you know, as long-lived as a new king at the ripe old age of 73 year old might survive. 

My friend Doug called me yesterday and goes, "OMG (well, he said the words), can you believe Liz died??"

I'm like - "ummm....she was 96, so yeah, I can totally believe it"

It's not like I was gloating or doing a happy dance. I'm not a citizen or a subject. Save PBS documentaries, the movie the Queen and the tv show the Crown, well..........I can't say I have feelings one way or the other. 

A reign of 70 years is impressive by any standard. I mean, it's a full-time job with no real time off. I myself, hope not to be working at 96.  Suffice to say, she had more perks and fringe benefits than most of us. 

When in London 4 (!!) years ago, it's not that I was awestruck when we went by Buckingham Palace. I was perplexed, however.  EIIR was imprinted in all the ironworks of the gates, of the posts where chains were threaded, benches, you name it.  My first thought was:  this is going to cost a FORTUNE to replace when the old gal goes.

My second thought was: well, they can't replace with all with Prince King Chuck, because, well......tick tick tick.  By the time they'd finish, it'll be King Billy's turn. 

Maybe Diana will be there to great EIIR in the afterlife. 


And now it seems, we're gonna get a lot of retrospectives on Liz and then a big funeral coming our way - and we don't even live there.  .....well, save JP, Going Gently and Raybeard. 

Song by: the Beatles 


James Dwight Williamson said...

She is due at least that , I’m sad , but ten days of mourning borders on something Nancy Reagan would do

Travel said...

The only Queen many have ever known.

Jonny said...

Don't forget the cost of changing all the currency.

Raybeard said...

As a mild Republican myself - i.e. NOT rabidly so - it's hard to imagine anyone still not being more than a little emotionally touched by this event. I do feel sad to quite a significant degree. Whether I'd feel the same way about a king's passing, no matter how long or short his reign was, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be anything like as profound. Meanwhile, BBC TV and radio on all its channels has gone into saturation mode, which was only to be expected. Replays of 7+ decades of archive film like on a loop - and talk, talk, talk, nothing original with any chance of being 'offensive' or controversial being banished. Thank goodness we now have so many other channels. (Much the same happened after Diana's death, though that was different in being such a shock to all).
King Chuck III to give his first nation's address this evening. His mum's funeral expected to be in two weeks time - TOO long, but so much ceremony and protocol to cover dutifully. And for us minions, life just goes on.......and on......and on.......

Old Lurker said...

I agree with the double exclamation points. That London trip was four years ago??

Raybeard said...

Sorry about my careless typing above. For anyone reading this and not knowing that I'm British, living in England, I am decidedly NOT a 'Republican' ("mild" or otherwise - nor such a sympathiser) but a 'republican' - small 'r' - i.e. non-monarchist. [Just clarifying this as the notion that I might have been understood has just kept me awake half the night. The horror of such a thought!]