Saturday, September 03, 2022

Rebel Yell

We are holiday, so some of these are either unused pics of ones not taken by me. More of the latter, I suspect. It doesn't mean you should go without pet pics.  We get to see both of them later today. I'm excited. 

Before we left.  Brother and sister hanging out together. 

He made the daycare feed while we were gone. It was good to see Shep. He looks happy. 

Sophie in repose. 

According to my sister-in-law, Sophie yells all day and night since we've been gone. SiL has gotten almost no sleep due to this. Her hearing and us being away might not be a great combo. 

Shep enjoying the backyard. 

Save my own, I don't know any of these dudes and dudettes. 
At least he's in a group.  I hope he likes them and vice versa. 

Soph conked out on 710's desk.  This was before we left. 

Song by: Billy Idol


James Dwight Williamson said...

I feel sorry for Sophie and SIL, but being away will only make you more rested to do their bidding !

Travel said...

Thanks we needed that

Bob said...

Soph needs her Daddies. She'll be happy to see you both.

Raybeard said...

Poor little Sophie. We feel so bad for her. But Shep is always happy as Larry, with company (familiar or not), or alone - as long as his pack-leader(s) is/are there.

Anonymous said...

Sophie will feel better when she sees you both.

Old Lurker said...

Poor SiL. I hope you tipped her well.

Poor Sophie, too. (I know I said that last week.) I hope she is calmer now that you are back.

Ur-spo said...

they always make me smile to see them.