Monday, September 19, 2022

My Music Monday

The theme is:  a title from one of the previous week's posts. 

I'm going full-on '80's with Adam Ant and "Desperate But Not Serious". 

Oddly (or not), I kind of liked Ant. There are those who'll say he was "punk". He wasn't. Maybe a little more when it was Adam and the Ants, but mostly he was / they were full-on new wave. 

He / They (and this was well before the pronoun swell of 2021-2022!) had more hits, or at least songs I knew, than one would think..........or remember. 

Adam had a look. It wasn't bad. I suggest you not Goooooooogle current Adam. 

This song, isn't bad. I like that it almost has a hook, then it swerves, which oddly enough becomes its hook.  The rhythm section keeps the beat, but it is without a doubt the most basic instrumentation that exists - and that is somewhat part of its charm. 

The video however............released within a year of MTV's launch and even that early in, this clip was already filled with every music video cliché, right down the vampire teeth.  Truth be told, the fag in me just wants to get the main chick in this video a good conditioner. 

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