Wednesday, September 21, 2022

the Last Day of Summer

I missed it - so to speak.  The last day of summer, that is. 

It was pretty. It was warm. It was very summer like with yet a hint of autumn. 

You all even know what that means - and you can almost feel it yourself. At least those in climes where changes occur in season - and not just the rainy or dry season. I mean actual changes in them. 

710 found a thing somewhere, somehow, that has our first snowfall happening on November 10th of this year. 

I pay little stock to such things. 

IF anyone goes back and tracks what the Farmer's Almanac says and what actually occurs, I'd be curious to see how these predictions happen. And on what scale.  "Snowier" or "Colder" than normal for the Great Lakes Region. 

Sorry - the UP in Michigan isn't the same as Chicago or Erie, PA. With that wide of a range you can manipulate the shit out of that data to make your accuracy. 

In the past I have been quite vocal about my dislike of Winter.  .....but I might be changing my mind on that. 

I'm never going to be THRILLED with it, but I'm finding the heat and heat index over the last few years to be uncomfortable to be out in for extended periods of time.  Maybe it's Climate Change. Maybe it's my age-related body.  And maybe it's the new(er) house where I'm no longer freezing while inside, that I don't mind the outside in the colder months. 

Love summer outdoors - and in the shade these days. 

Autumn is most likely my fave time of year. Best temps. Best crispness of the air. Best clothing options. And it is usually the most stable of the seasons. No huge rains or snows. Few extreme days in terms of cold or hot. 

I'll miss summer, but not as much as many. 

Song by: the Cure


wcs said...
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wcs said...

I think you have one more day! In our time zone, the equinox happens early Friday morning. That would make it sometime in the evening on Thursday for you, I think. Enjoy!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Autumn begins as WCS says on Thursday the 22nd in the US