Monday, September 26, 2022

My Music Monday

This month's theme is just one of the blog titles from the past week. 

With two queens passing recently, I'll stick with the title track of the Smith's album the Queen is Dead.  

That album just ranks as one of my favourite albums of the '80s. I don't judge my close friends on their music choices (I mean, unless they really really like "Friday" by Rebecca Black........but if they do, they're probably no longer my friend), but most, if not all my close friends have this album, and have since its original release date. 

The thing is, when it came out, it was never a point of discussion. We listened to it in the solitude of our own dwellings, which is kind of apropos for listening to the Smiths, no? 

We do talk about it now. Not like all the time, but as we discuss music the disk will invariably come up somewhere in the conversation.  And in one of my two karaoke appearances in the last 35 years, I did get up and sing "There's a Light That Never Goes Out".  And I did it sober.  Granted, none but two at this party knew me and I was leaving town the next day, so why the fuck not. 

B.T.W. :  I nailed it!      ....and there is no video to prove otherwise. 

Oddly, the title track here might be the weakest on the disk, but by no means bad. 

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