Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Money Can't Buy It

We finished watching Apple TV+' s Loot, starring Maya Rudolph. 

It's ok. It's not perfect. It's not as funny as you'd like it to be. 

I suppose it's not supposed to be HI-larious, as there are morality tales to be told within the storylines. 

As usual, I've read next to nothing (actually, I've read nothing at all) on this show. I suppose it is a take on the semi-current life of Mackenzie Bezos.  (I have zero idea if I spelled that first name correctly, nor do I care to look it up.)

Like Ex Ms. Bezos - she married young to an entrepreneur, who makes billions, gets cheated on, divorces and gets dozens of billions in settlement because there was no pre-nup. And then works with her foundation to give away her money. 

The slight difference here is that Molly (the protagonist) doesn't even knows she had a foundation. 

As you'd expect, there are missteps along the way from the out-of-touch mega-wealthy person to helping out the underprivileged. Though her appearance on Hot Ones * is fricking outstanding.  That said, I swear Rudolph did a similar skit as guest host of SNL as Beyonce.  I might be dreaming that though. 

Most of the cast is well done. All but two of the regular characters have different levels of depth, though for some it takes longer into the 8 or 10 shows for that to appear. 

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, whom you may have seen in Pose does a good job, but not always likable, but not supposed to be.  Joel Kim Booster, who you plays the gay hanger-on to wealthy Molly, actually grows the most - and I ended up liking him way more than I expected. Ben Wyatt Adam Scott plays the Jeff Bezos character. 

In real life, Mackenzie Bezos has committed to giving away her fortune in her lifetime. She is giving 50% of it to Warren Buffett and Bill Gate's Giving Pledge, which encourages the über wealthy to give half of their loot away to one organization - which seems shady at best. But Bezos (and I know she doesn't use that name anymore) has been giving a lot away in a little bit of time. Mostly quietly, some not so. 

In the final episode, Molly, makes a similar pledge, but her words put other billionaire philanthropists to shame. I don't think this was targeted at Ms. Bezos, but at many other folks who pretend to do good, when they're really not. 

The makers of Loot set it up for a second season, so we will see. It's not a huge time commitment if you're interested in viewing. 

* If you have not seen this, there are 18 "seasons" (and counting) of celebrities sitting down and eating wings that get progressively hotter and hotter.  Should you choose to go to the site and view, scroll down until you start seeing the seasons with the guest.

**This is the post that got displaced due to Mr. Jellyfish, 

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