Wednesday, June 01, 2022


I'm still on a gun rant.  There is no 5-day waiting period for that. But apparently, no one else seems to adhere to that phony bullshit. 

Just days after the mass school execution, our Sunday paper opted to take money to run this four page ad - three a row. Not three days in a row.  Ad after ad........for 12 full pages......right before the Mini-Page and comics. 

I shit you not. 

I do love the "Father's Day" angle.  Hey Kids - get your "dad" a gun. 

Maybe pops would be less thrilled when he finds Jr. took the gun to school and killed a bunch of kids. But YAY for shooting and killing things!

Song by: Jimmy Eat World


Old Lurker said...

Let us hope that Sophie and Shep don't get any Father's Day gift ideas in their heads.

Old Lurker said...

Wait... on the second page, top row, second from the left: "Pickatinny style mount"? Really??

Anonymous said...

About as appropriate as advertising a Lizzie Borden Special on axes for Mother's Day.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Daniel Defense Supplied the Murder weapons for Uvalde