Wednesday, June 15, 2022


I've been writing this blog a long time - and have mentioned this before, but I get no one is retaining things from 6,300 or so posts. 

When I was in 6th grade, I read the entire Warren Commission. For whatever reason, I was semi-obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. It was the first book I read on it, but hardly the last, as I'd end up going through dozens. 

Fast forward a few dozen years, and I'm having breakfast tea with my friend Jeanne. We were just chatting and I heard these two old(er) men next to us talking about the Kennedy assassination. I only eavesdropped a little. 

I told Jeanne, and mentioned my reading of the Warren report. It was the only book I wanted when I cleaned out my parent's house, and it wasn't there. I'm assuming it got pitched years ago in some purge my mother went through. 

As it turns out, Jeanne knew the guys next to us (through her mother) - both in their 90s. One guy was making a movie (I know it didn't sound right to me either) about the assassination.  The other was a former judge who - wait for it - served on the Warren Commission!!! 

I said, 'no offense, but I'd rather be sitting at their table!'.  It wasn't quite untrue. 

Fast forward another two weeks, and Jeanne had me stop by to give me something - two 1st editions of the Warren Commission. She hoped one would be the same as what my parents had. They weren't. 

Now, I haven't looked it up, but there are two different publishers, so I'm not 100% sure that both (or either?) are actually 1st editions. Still, it was a great gesture. 

Even better, Jeanne, via her mom, said the judge would love to have coffee some time and talk. With me, that is. 

I have to believe this would be better than meeting Coldplay backstage. But I'm guessing so would having pink eye. 

....and now I have two copies of the Warren Commission on my bookshelves. 

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