Saturday, June 25, 2022


Well, SCOTUS made sure it was. shitty end to a shitty week.  I'll need 48 hours to even think clearly, should I choose to blog about it.   Until then.........cats and dog. 

Shep even looks like a goof. 

She's just hanging - like usual. 

After school pick-up for Dr. Tongue. 

One of Becky's cats. 
She busted into my private time in the bathroom.  She got ear scratches. I got purrs. 

He really should have a modeling career. 

Top of the landing. No one gets past without approval. 

Song by: Rufus Wainwright


Raybeard said...

I only hope your new visitor, complete with tinkle-bell, has provided at least a smidgeon of consolation in the 'shock' of yesterday, which everyone could see coming yet somehow hoped wouldn't. Commiserations to all right-thinking citizens in your country until it's reversed - which it surely will be in time (but how much time?) - and meanwhile, what's next? (As though we don't already know!).

James Dwight Williamson said...

I like Shep with the New Glasses photo, gave a chunk of money to Congressional Candidates this morning , Democratic of Course!

Anonymous said...

Well one thing they always cheer up the weekend, I feel sorry that the USA is going backwards not that it is much better here with the fool Boris.

Bob said...

Oh cats. They have no concept of private time!

Travel said...

Live life like a dog,