Friday, June 17, 2022

You're So Vain

I am a wee bit tired, but this made me laugh.........more than I care to admit. 

I've read blurbs about her Netflix special, which seems more common than special. She films herself - or has others film herself - getting news she didn't get nominated for her being in a movie about stripping.  I mean, for fuck sake, you don't hear Tatum Channing (Channing Tatum?) whining about the same thing, do ya? 

I am with her on her assessment that is was stupid have two acts at the Super Bowl. Shakira and J.Lo?  Exactly!  Having none would have been a lot better.  Shakira's hips might not lie, but neither do my lips. At least in this case. 

I'm a little surprised she doesn't have a Grammy since they give those things away like candy on Halloween. Oscars too. Yeah - I'm looking at you Cuba Gooding Jr. 

But to whomever wrote the meme above.......thank you!  It was not in vain. 

Song by: Carly Simon


James Dwight Williamson said...

Maybe she is an entertainer instead of an actress. The one thing she hasn’t failed to obtain is a huuuge bank account. Jenny from the Block is a cash cow.

Ur-spo said...

Who is Jennifer Lopez?