Thursday, June 23, 2022

Count on Me

Inadvertently, I caught snippets of news yesterday. Luckily, it was bad news with a slight bow. 

Well, some of it. 

This insurance guy / agency in Maine who wasn't even passive-aggressive when it comes to his / their racism. 

I get he probably isn't technically employed by Progressive, but they should be cutting ties with him, and would expect that any day now.  I hope. 

On the better news pieces - both revolve around the insurrection of January 2021. 

g-d love the election guy from Georgia (attorney general?) who would not budge and countered each of BLOTUS & Co's lies about election fraud. Of course, BLOTUS lovers broke into his house and threatened his family. But he stuck to his guns - and then testified in Congress about it. 

And then, the British documentary crew who was with BLOTUS & Co on the Ellipse - hearing, seeing and FILMING everything. And that this investigative committee got unaired, unedited footage of these file, law-breaking people.  And I LOVE how the BLOTUS & Co are collectively shitting their pants over this, as his legal team seems to be blindsided.  


....which is more than you can say about the lying dirtbag of one of the Dakotas (does it really matter which one? I mean, IS there a difference.........really?) who was driving, hit, killed a guy, skipped and lied (because you want a lying legal head of your state government).  I mean, allegedly, the guy's glasses were in the accused's car, either because he picked them up or because the guy's face went through the windshield.  Oh - and he thought he hit a deer.  ......who wears glasses.  

Anyhoo - he was impeached and barred from holding office again.  At least in that state.  A GOP sentator thinks the guy didn't meet criteria for impeachment.  I'm not sure what that threshold would be with this party.  Look at January 6th - there is no criteria for impeachment, even if it's orchestrating a coup. 

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Travel said...

Some days I wonder why the heads of rational people don't simply explode.

James Dwight Williamson said...

In Maine I hear you want 40$ , for a lobster roll! Go fish!