Tuesday, June 28, 2022

App of the Month

Actually this is an app for you NOT to get.  Well, Apps........plural. 

.....and this applies really only to my child bearing years female readers.  You know - probably none of you. Still, it's not bad information to pass along. 

While clearly not in my wheelhouse, or anywhere on my would-be radar, there are any number of apps that will track a woman's cycle - be it for her period or fertile friendly days. 

You can assume one uses them when they want to know when Aunt Flo might be stopping by for a visit.  Some probably do want the stork to stop by, and are gauging that. 

In the past, I've always assumed that whomever can track your phone usage. I just never cared. My thought if they want to see my browser and app history, that's on them on what may or may not shock them. Or bore them. If I shock or bore them to death - either way I win. 

However, in light of recent SCOTUS events, well......and the U.S. becoming more and more of a police state and Germany circa 1932-39; it probably pays to take a few steps to slow them down. 

Women of child-bearing years, who are tracking their cycle should probably delete any of the period tracking apps - and there are many.   Clue. Flo. Eve by Glow. My Flo. Cycles.   The list keeps going. 

Still, if any state is imposing fines for NOT having a child - yes, Texas, I'm looking at you......and I'm sure many to follow......it's probably best you delete those fucking apps and go back to a paper calendar hanging in your office cube with red X's through certain days of the month. 

When SCOTUS and Congress want to control a woman's body and choice, trust me, they seem to be all in, which means you will all be out. 

You can call it paranoia, but these motherfuckers are playing hardball.  

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Travel said...

Red xs on the calendar, that is how my mother ended up with 4 kids, not the most reliable system (oh, and I was number 4.)