Friday, June 10, 2022

in Bloom

As is the usual, after work, we walk Shep. Our 'new' neighborhood gives us a number of different routes, depending on how far we want to go, or in which direction. 

Now and then we veer off our intended path, usually due to an oncoming dog, often who are not on leash. And we aren't wearing masks...........or taking chances. 

Yesterday, Shep was in the grass near a school, so he could roll around. 710 had me come over and look at something. 

You'll have to click on it and enlarge to read what, to me, amounted to a tombstone. 

It's marker, for the class of 2004. 

As this was an elementary school, was it for the class that would graduate in 2004, or "graduate" to middle school in that same year?  If the former, those kids are, what - 36 now?  If the latter, ore like 29.

If you noticed, their 'tree' did not grow and bloom like the class of 2004. 

Or did it? 

Has anyone checked on them - these 29-36 year olds (and some guy probably named Gary, who was held back twice)?  Maybe they "bloomed" exactly like this tree - unsuccessfully..........and then they died. 

The marker, and failed tree, could be a metaphor for the class. No doubt, someone named Abigail is heading the 20th reunion that is coming up in just under two years. But if the tree is an indicator, half the class fell victim to fentanyl mixed in their street heroin. 

FYI - my dad attended this 1926!

Song by: Nirvana

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