Saturday, June 18, 2022

Room with a Vew

The work week was stressful. Still, as always, you put those things to the side when it comes to the pets. They need the love and attention more than I do, and they really kind of live for all of it, so why not? 

Sleepytime Girl. 

Something had his interest. I'm guessing a squirrel. 

Bailey had a spa day. 

710 has the best co-worker, ever. 

Checkin' out the scene. 

Birthday dinner. She was not patient. 

Picnic with a view. 

Song by: Marti Jones


Old Lurker said...

What was birthday dinner?

It sounds as if work has been pretty rough on you for the past few months. I hope things improve.

Raybeard said...

Two of the reassuring constants in your life that you can rely on - and Bailey!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Sleepy time girl. Marvelous. I think I d like to live at Baileys house

Travel said...

Oh Squirrel!

Anonymous said...

They all look happy, Sophie looks like she is taking it easy after her birthday. Enjoy the weekend.