Monday, August 01, 2016

My Music Monday

Erik assumed I would make this month's music theme difficult as payback.

He's wrong, but he's not wrong.

Oh.....that day will come. Yes. Yes it will. But it won't be this month.

This is totally selfish on my part, but I have a busy month ahead, and as much as I would like to make him suffer, I'm only thinking about myself and my time.

.....and I have five Mondays this month. So why make it hard on me?

So I am going with 'numbers'.

The song must have a number in the title. Not the word 'number', but an actual numeric digit of some kind.  I thought about telling him he can't use the numbers 1 or 2, as I'm assuming that would greatly limit his selections. But nahhhhh..........

Let's just hope he stays away from StaceyQ's "Two of Hearts".  Nay. Let's demand that he stays away from it.

I'm going with Don Dixon and his song "25,000 Days".  I'd say it was one of his deep tracks, but considering he's never really had a hit of his own, though a dozen albums, it might be safe to say they're all deep tracks.

I've really liked the song since it's released (1995??), but it's a low-key, and that's ok with me.

Don Dixon - "25,000 Days"

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anne marie in philly said...



1 is the loneliest number

8 days a week


3 times a lady

goooooooogle them!