Sunday, August 07, 2016

the Gymnast, High Above the Ground

People can oooh and aaaah over Sam Mikulak all they want.

He's cute enough. He's athletic enough. But he's no Danell Leyva.

I was going to say we stayed in and watched some of the Olympics last night, but that made it sound like we changed / cancelled out plans to do so.

We had no plans. We discussed a movie, only to find there is little out there to see. So we made dinner and plopped ourself in front of the boob tube.

It turns out it was the male boob tube, as men's gymnastics was on.

Yes, these guys are cute and cut, but none of them meet my hight requirement.

I forgive all these things in Danell Leyva. He's smooth by choice - in parts of his body. I'm not 100% sure the others can grow chest hair....or leg hair. He's Cuban - so he's got points there. And he doesn't need a boost to get to the high bar at the start of his routine.

It's the little things really.

And man - is. he. handsome.

Oddly enough, we caught some of the Olympic trials and I saw he didn't make the team, so colour me surprised when last night, there he was. It turns out the guy who beat him out of that spot, blew out his knee in practice and lo and behold, Leyva has potential to get Gold.......and Zika.

I saw his parallel bars - which were ok. His high bar routine - considering I know next to nothing about the technical aspects - looked pretty fucking amazing. And he seemed to be happy with it. It was after he was done that kind of caught my attention.

I'm all for backstorying shit. Not one other USA male gymnast looked at him, acknowledged his routine, let alone talked to him. And vice versa. It's like Mean Girls - with chalk, workout gear and penises.

And here's the back story:  I bet the others of Leyva's inclusion in the ESPN Body Issue right after the 2012 games.

.....and those boys should be jealous.

Jealous.....and a little confused about how when they see these they feel strangely tingly inside.

Clearly, besides having a great body, Danell is talented. I could never do the pummel horse one-handed, let alone while remembering, and being able, to cover my junk.

...and looks like he has big feet. And you know what they say about guys with big feet.   ......big boots!

I kind of hope he gets the gold.

Song by: the Decemberists


anne marie in philly said...

(whistles under her breath) HAWT!

Travel said...

They should let the bloggers be the judges one year!

Bob said...

I, too, have a minimum height requirement ...
[Holds out arm and say, "You must be at least THIS tall to ride this ride.]
... but Danell Leyva is just fine.

Plus, yeah, I loves me some Latinos!

Fearsome Beard said...