Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Forever Lost

We are down in North Carolina  - home of the HB2 hatred - but for sun and fun. Mostly sun.

It is now Wednesday, and I haven't logged onto my laptop since Saturday......not for fun.....not for work. It's been nice disconnecting.

But I realized last night I had no blog post for today. I had to get cracking.

Yesterday we were at Roanoke Island, home of the Lost Colony. While at the visitor's center (mostly because it was air conditioned !!!) there was a fimstrip - ok, they don't actually have those anymore) on what may or may not have happened to the habitants of Roanoke Island and why they disappeared somewhere between 1587-1590.

Better yet, they had an interactive section where visitors could jot down their thoughts. I was going to be a smart ass and write down "UFO".  Then I saw the other ones.....and many were much better than my own.

Alexis and I have much in common.  I like the commitment to detail about their hats.

Topical - as everyone (save me) loves zombie shows. 

Topical - back in 1590 - when James White (see title image) returned to find all had disappeared

This one was my favourite - or so I thought. For those unaware, J.J. Abrams created the television show LOST.

This one ended up being my fave. I literally LOL'd at the visitor's center.

Ok. I'm back to the beach this morning for a nice long walk and to even out my burn.

Song by: the Magic Numbers


anne marie in philly said...

I thought you were not going there due to the h8 law.

Bob said...

Good answers all.

Travel said...

Enjoy the sun and fun.

Fearsome Beard said...

If the sideburns had been a full beard he would have found them.