Monday, August 15, 2016

My Music Monday

It's a numbers game this month.

For no good reason, I've had the Romantics'  (my lord, they have a website and are still touring - with the likes of Night Ranger and Loverboy!) "One in a Million" stuck in my head.

Circa 1983, the song is better than their "Talking in Your Sleep" and not nearly as overplayed or annoying as "What I Like About You". If they had other songs they were lost on me.

"One in a Million" is one of those semi-guilty pleasures. It's got a hook, but still not horribly definable than most (post) new wave groups that were flooding the airwaves of the time.

I'd never seen the video for it until I searched it out for here.

Horrible. Yet, again, not horribly original from anything from 1983. A very typical video for this type of band and genre.  And oy - the hair!

And while clearly, they lip sync the song, you can still tell (or bet / assume) that the lead singer has a speech impediment of some kind.  Look - I swear he has some slushy esses going on - which would just send Meredity over the edge.

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