Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Look into the Future

I can't take credit for knowing this at all. I have never watched one second of the Apprentice, or the "Celebrity" version - though I won't go as far as not hearing about it from the Soup.  

I know the latter had such luminaries as Joan Rivers, and umm........Vince Neil (?)......Clay Aiken....and yes, Gary Busey......because, what else does that man have to do with his life?  I know the former didn't have celebs, which is why they needed a reboot because no one wanted to watch a show full of never-will-bes.

Allegedly, at least according to John Oliver, one of the seasons, "they" made a music video. And it is / was all too prophetic.  .....and not in a good way.

Where this might have been humourous a few years ago - now it is just downright fucking frightening.  ....and I'm not even talking about the rhythm section ripping off the People's Court theme.

I no longer believe this is an act.

I believe it was......until he started believing his own press, and the hill folk with four of their own teeth, no jobs who hate A-rabs and Mexicans, have blown so much smoke up his ass....and lapped at it too.....that he thinks he's King of the World.

He (I won't even type the name) thinks he's untouchable.....and he kind of is. No one in the press will take him on....not really. He can't hold to a topic or an answer, and as it turns out, the press - print or broadcast - don't know how to hold him to one.

I see he has already said the election is rigged for him to lose.  I'm glad he's getting out front of his eventual loss. He's already laid the groundwork for blaming someone other than his erratic, vile, hateful behaviour. And if he wins, he'll say he fixed the system.

Doomed we are - either way. And yes, doomed if he loses.

You think it was bad after the Palin / McCain loss (and yes, the order was on purpose - as more people know her name than his)?  Oh this shit is going to go on so much longer, and on so many more outlets than Caribou Barbie could ever dream of.

Yes, this video would have been laughable anymore. Now, it's just his platform.

But if you do want humour regarding him and Busey.......well......look no further than Conan.

And the "funny" thing is:  this just might be the best case scenario in cabinet appointments.

Song by: Journey

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Anonymous said...

In the highly unlikely event that you will need to emigrate in November, we've got a blow-up bed in our loft you'll be welcome to sleep on.