Thursday, August 11, 2016


Another Olympic post.

Normally, anything we watch is on the DVR, which means commercials are pretty much a thing of the past. Thank you FFW button.

We are not taping any Olympic coverage, so the tv is on, we normally mute during commercials. As chance would have it, no one was paying attention when it went of sports to ads....and glad we didn't.

In the first sex seconds, the word 'transgender' was dropped. Both 710 and myself looked up from whatever we were doing.

I've never actually owned a pair of Nike anything, and most likely never will, but they can produce good ads....and even slightly historic ones.

A transgender athlete at the Olympic games is pretty cool. As history goes, it will be a blip, but I was impressed that Nike went to the trouble to focus on something that lately is only about bathroom usage in North Carolina.

Take 0:00:32 and watch.


Song by: the Tragically Hip


Bob said...

The march goes on .....

Fearsome Beard said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing that one. I hadn't seen it and definately am glad I didn't miss it.

David said...

That's a great commercial. Gave me goosebumps

Jimmy said...

Out and Proud!

Mark in DE said...

That's awesome!