Thursday, August 04, 2016

I Endorse These Strippers

Oh no!

John McCain and Paul Ryan aren't getting the nominee's endorsement!!!!!!

And the head of the RNC, Reince Priebus (whose real full name is Reinhold - but I suppose that sounds too Nazi-ish to use when heading up the newly invigorated SS), is ever so cheesed at 'him' for not doing said endorsements.

I gotta say - if I'm McCain or Ryan, what is the downside here?

I mean - really!

Even I might drop to my praise Jebus, that is.

In theory, the man is in such a burning free-fall mode, you'd think he was piloting a hot air balloon in Texas.  (what? too soon?)  

Why would you want this man behind you?

I mean, they're already taking it up the ass (dry at that) having this guy as their candidate of choice, they may was well bite their lip and take it doggie style anyways.  (see - because the joke is that he'd be behind them.....)

Mind you, these two 'tards already endorsed Donna (close as I'm getting to calling him by name).

Albeit, Ryan didn't say the word 'endorse'. And McCain is finally in the fight for his political life in Arizona. He pretty much had to endorse to get those fucking nutjob votes. And by 'nutjob' I mean the majority for Arizonians.

McCain has reaped what he sowed. Sure, Game Change will blame the choosing of Sarah Palin on his campaign manager, but you know what - the buck stops with McCain. But from 2008, it's been a steady downward trajectory for the GOP since that election.  He gets what he deserves.

Personally, I think Donna should endorse him. Even he can see that would be the biggest and fastest way to sink McCain's reelection bid.

It's Mike Pence that is doing the dirty work. He's endorsing both Ryan and McCain. So the 'ticket', but not 'the man' is doing the endorsing. Everything is a loophole with this guy.

Personally, if I were either of these two dudes, I'd be running ads saying that Donna hasn't and won't endorse me.

But that's just me.

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Bob said...

Rumor has it Mitchie McConnell might be headed for the door, too.
Mitchie, Paulie, Johnny and Donny ... all losers?
I love that idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Listen, you don't know me but I lurk here a lot. I have just one complaint. I know it's your blog and I am just an interloper, but do you think you can stop referring to Il Douche as Donna? That is my given name and you are taking it way in vain! It means lady and this dude ain't one! Thank you for listening :)