Sunday, August 21, 2016


I'm just posting an image today.

Yesterday was a long and hot one. ....and Blobby didn't wear a hat or sunscreen. I think I'll be ok. I have a nice base from the beach.

The thing with DC is, I've done most of it before. But I was in an outdoor mood. 710 was not. He went to a few galleries, I walked. And walked. And walked.

I ended up at the Lincoln Memorial - which is always a favourite of mine. I wanted to to Arlington Cemetery, but it was sooooo hot, I couldn't do it.

I have taken this shot before on other visits, but the colouring this time was really nice and it was pretty clear.

The image doesn't pick it up very well, but you can see the Capitol dome. Most the scaffolding has come down.

Song by: Michael Nyman


Travel said...

Nice angle, when I ride my bike to the office, I cut across the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Bob said...

Nice photo. I remember my first trip to DC ... way back in the day ... and walking all the way to Arlington. Oy!

Ur-spo said...

I liked it too.