Saturday, August 06, 2016

Free the Animal

Yesterday, it was a doggie and kitty I didn't know.

Today, well......I know all of them. Even if only one of them is mine.  Ok. Ours.

Soph - lying on a table next to where I'm sitting. It's been so hot out, I didn't want her on me. 

Boomer at my mom's house. He likes pets, he was just more intrigued by the treat in 710's hand. That's where his focus was. 

My niece is back for a few weeks, which mean Pippa comes with. Honestly, my sister is more excited to see the cat than she is her own daughter.  

I'm not kidding. Even remotely. 

And I lose. 90 degrees out - and there is no stopping a tidal wave.....or Sophie. I'd suffer all her fur on a hot day - just because of love. 

Song by:  Sia


Raybeard said...

Mood-raising pics. Another of your posts that just banishes any blues I might have. Nothing succeeds in that respect like good pussy shots - if y'know what I mean.

anne marie in philly said...

I know all these cute creatures by sight now (including you).

and yes, no matter what the weather, nyla MUST sit on us/right next to us. that kind of love is priceless.

Fearsome Beard said...

Try living with 6.
Lap always full sometimes with more than one.
I wouldn't have it any differently though.

Bob said...

That first photo:

Sophie: "Please, take a seat. We need to have a talk."