Friday, July 01, 2016

Take Me to the River

Clint Eastwood.

Tom Hanks.

Sully Sullenberger.

My lord - they will make anything into a movie now.

No doubt it will be two hours long and all anyone wants to see are the 10 minutes of trouble and landing, which Eastwood and his editor will whittle down to 2.5.

The subject matter for Sully (no, I won't hyperlink!) is such that it's is worthy of a Tuesday Movie of the best. It reeks of cheese. And unless your 4 years old - you know the ending. I just can't imagine there is enough interesting regarding the pre-flight checklist and the drive to the airport to make this want anyone to spend $13 per ticket.  $24 if it's d-box.

I'm 97.4% sure that anything of interest was covered on him during the GMA and Today Show interviews. I do think that 30 Rock covered it well - and it only took 17 seconds. (Matt Damon has never been better!)

At minimum, since the 2012 GOP convention, I've had zero respect for Eastwood. His shitty-assed American Sniper movie didn't help his rep with me.  And if you truly want to see a horrible movie, check out his Trouble with the Curve.  Thanks a lot airplane movie! He did J. Edgar no favors either.

Tom Hanks has become the new Michael "send me the script, I'll do it!" Caine. It's kind of sad. I'd say "a guy has to eat", but I'm sure he's socked enough away for a rainy day. You gotta believe those Bosom Buddies and Bachelor Party (arguably, still his best movie)  residuals keep him pretty flush.

Honestly, I just can't figure out what Eastwood has on any film studio. Why in the world would anyone greenlight a project like this?

And all this time, I thought they didn't allow bombs on planes.

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joecab said...

Wasn't there some talk that Sully took a lot of the credit while his crew did much of the quick thinking there?

Raybeard said...

Hmmmmm. You didn't care for 'American Sniper' then? Can't possibly be the same one that I voted as my Number 7 Best Film of last year, can it?

Bob said...

Yeah, this one's a skipper, even if it comes on cable.