Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Refuse

It's my first Saturday without a pet pic in a while.  The week was such that I ran into no doggies. Sophie wasn't putting up with the camera shit,'s just a regular old post time.'s no longer "allegedly" Mike Pence. 

I'm sure you've seen the (t)Rump / Pence logo.  I'm sure you've seen the mocking and take-offs of the (t)Rump / Pence logo. No need to post those here. 

So Mr. Pence doesn't think bakeries in Indiana should have to bake wedding pizzas for homos and lezbos. Sad is the gay couple who orders carry-out pizza for their wedding. 

And in Toledo, a baker is refusing to make a birthday cake for a lesbian's partner......because she's a scrod chomper. 

I'm guessing they were struggling financially and wanted some right wing loons to send them free cash. That was probably their business model all along. 

I know people thing this GOP ticket is ridiculous, but the entire GOP platform is anti-gay. They've kicked up a notch - almost like that pathetic, sniveling, self-loathing faggot, Ken Mehlman, was still head of the RNC.  (I really just hope he Goooogles his name often.)

Seriously though, they're looking at ex-gay therapy, which every credible breathing person has discounted as nonsense. 

And of course, the religious freedom shit. 

But gay weddings and birthdays are kids stuff. They bakers have got to up their game. One in California {allegedly} is thinking bigger. 

Fuck. Forget the croissant. Don't bother with the torts.  Just sell an 8 year old to make your rent.

They're much more delicious too - and they don't go stale as quickly.

.......I've heard.

Song by: the Cars


anne marie in philly said...

"They're much more delicious too - and they don't go stale as quickly." - and they don't vote/are invisible.

Raybeard said...

'Scrod chomper'? That's a new one on me. I hope it's respectable 'cos I'm now inclined to use it at the earliest oppo. However, must admit I'm smelling something a bit, erm, fishy about it.

Travel said...

It is going to be a crazy election. Never forget, Hitler was elected, voting has never been more important.

Michael Dodd said...

Business model: Will hate for money.

Political model: Will hate for votes.

Bob said...

"They're much more delicious too - and they don't go stale as quickly.
.......I've heard."

I choked on that one! In a good way.

Ur-spo said...

I looked up the logo only to find it is already discarded.