Monday, July 18, 2016

My Music Monday

Since I can't quite adhere to the monthly theme (tattoo songs released before 1990), I am trying to haven an affiliation with said theme.

Tattoos are done on skin. So I can do "American Skin (41 Shots)" Bruce Springsteen and his band.

I suppose with the time as they are, you can say the song is poignant. It deals with white police killing an unarmed black man in NYC. The cops fired 41 rounds, 19 of them hitting the victim.

The scary / sad thing is: the song was recorded in 2000.....and in 16 years, the issue has only gotten worse.

While Springsteen is a musician - when he really wants to, he is a storyteller (think "The River", "Point Blank"). And so it is with "American Skin".

Like a tattoo, the shooting of innocent (usually people of colour) is a permanent stain.

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