Saturday, July 09, 2016

Four Legs Good

Sure yesterday I said it was difficult to blog. It is easier with dogs.....and cats. Even if all of them are not mine.

I won't disagree with (the other) Brett. If we adopted (I'm assuming he meant a dog, and not some spawn), then I would have tons to write about.

Not yet.  Not yet.

Though apparently our neighbor and our vet were placing guesses on when we'd get a new dog. Though Dr. Smith was probably tabulating how much money he'd be getting from us. I'm ok with that, he treated Petey like a king.

Anyway - on with the pet parade.

Boomer post-grooming. 

I just love Esmé. I haven't actually seen her since we lost Petey. She's gone grey.

 Pippa. Curious about outside, but never actually venturing there. 

Eleanore, growing up so fast.  And Oliver. They may have gotten lots and lots of treats. 

We don't really allow her to lounge on tables, but it was scorching hot these last few days. If cool wood feels good on her belly, so be it. 

Song by:  Dust Poets


anne marie in philly said...

next to "shopping with blobby", I like the saturday pet pix the best.

Raybeard said...

Sometimes I do wish that cats could 'smile' the way dogs do - or at least give the appearance of doing.

(the other) Brett said...

Of course I meant the four-legged adoption!!!

Glad that you're able to have quality time with various fur kids. If we lived closer you'd be more than welcome to borrow ours whenever you like, they're used to getting around.