Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Oooh. I went to a so-called local sporting event.

I know, just by looking at me you'd think I was a hard core b-ball fanatic.

That's right, "we" call it 'b-ball'.

Ok - truth be told, I've been to like 4 Cavaliers games in 20 years. And only because we'd been given tickets or 710 got them through work....like last night.

"They" even made the colours on the Terminal Tower wine & gold.

The seats were dope.....right in the club section. While the fud wasn't free (far from it, actually) they do come to your seats, take your order and deliver it. Sure beats being a chump and waiting in line.

The game itself certainly had its moments.

LeBron James - the anointed one - sucked. He scored half the point of my love, Kevin Love. And LeBron hasn't been in the ESPN magazine body issue like Mr. Love has.

Oh my!

Kevin did well.  24 points or so. And while we lost, we kind of rallied in the 4th quarter. It was a little exciting.

But these games have so little to do with the actual game.

 Flames so hot you feel them from 100 yards away. And a screen that is called a Humongotron.

And projected images on the floor. 

Then of course the t-shirt cannons. The nerf ball cannons. The trivia games. The male dancers (srsly!). The female "dancers" (srsly).

Of course there was the Bongo Cam (don't ask) and the Kiss Cam.  With the latter, I LOVED the cute guy purposefully and more than obviously, slipping the tongue to his girl.  There was no guy-on-guy action, as usual.

The game could have taken 48 minutes, but with commercials, trivia and shit - we clocked in at 2.5 hours. While the tickets were free, with parking and fud, it still set us back a pretty penny - and I never did get that Kevin Love jersey.


Oh - and especially for Morty - my old landlord sat behind us. That's right, Howard was in very close proximity to us again - after 20 years.  Worth it!

Not Kevin Love worth it, but still a nice take away.

Song by: I Mother Earth


Bob said...

I don't follow The Volleyball, but I suppose I would is that played the game in the buff.

Fearsome Beard said...

I love the other B ball. It's spring training and in just a few weeks you'll find me in the stands field level first base.

Anonymous said...

I' only be interested in the male dancers. Yes, seriously.

Mark in DE said...

"The seats were dope." I'm sorry, but you most definitely can NOT pull that off. ;-)