Monday, February 22, 2016

My Music Monday

At that beginning of this theme - music sung in a foreign language - I said selections could skew heavy on the French side.

I have a number of songs from artists who sing in Frog, so maybe I steered away from them on purpose. I think I tried to get a flavour of different languages across the board.

Still - ya gotta do at least one French-y number. And why not do one of two that are on Kirsty MacColl's debut album, Kite?

While I'm fond of her (or was - now that she dead!), I was never a huge fan of "Complainte Pour Ste. Cathrine".  It's ok and all, but why settle for just "ok"?

I much preferred "La Foret de Mimosas" - which is today's selection.

Simple in its arrangement and still having more of an British accent singing French, then transforming into a French-like persona, the entire song just works. At least for me.

Kirsty MacColl - "La Foret de Mimosas"

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