Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm Awake

I don't really have much today. Can you believe it - we missed a Saturday movie? We were so on target to do 52, if we kept up the pace at which we were going.

Ok - we were never hitting 52 movies. And we still might get to a film today, you just never know. 710 had a work project mid-day, so that threw off our timing. That and Mr. Pete, well we want to keep him under our gaze. I probably overdid it on a walk with him yesterday, but at least his ear seems better. I think.

So then - what to do for you?  I am missing an App of the Month segment in February. You'll all have to figure a way of how to survive that one!

Now here I am with just throwing something out for you all - especially you Star Wars fans.

Someone - and I could look it up and link it, as if it would matter to anyone, including myself - went to the trouble of making a trailer for Star Wars: Cleveland Awakens.

It incorporates a few things Cleveland and a few things Episode VII. They aren't cheesy graphics either, but nicely morphed together.

In the opening scene of the two suns over Tatooine University Circle, in the foreground is my new work area. You even see my parking deck on the left of the screen.

I love love love the Tie Fighter shadows over the Jacob's Field diamond. I like the X-Wing fighters stationed in the middle of the Metroparks and think the battle over downtown is cool. My old office building is in those shots.

I won't pretend to know the 'why' of doing this, and I kind of figured maybe someone did them for lots of cities, but if they did, they ain't on YouTube.

At least for those of us here in the CLE, it is fun to see this.

Song by: Maria McKee


Bob said...

I might wannna see that one ....

Fearsome Beard said...

Wow! I had not noticed Cleveland's use in the film.