Monday, February 08, 2016

My Music Monday

Songs not of our tongue - 'tis the theme.

This one is on the borderline. They sing in English and their native Celtic. Technically to many in Ireland, they're not singing in any foreign tongue. To us - they can, at times.

I loved to love Clannad, but I can't say I actually "loved" them. I first came upon them when they did a duet with Bono. I was all about U2 back then - never heard of the band, but went out and purchased them so I could have the song "In a Lifetime". So I think I pretended to enjoy Clannad more than I actually did....or do.

The irony?  U2 fell out of favour too.........for the most part.

Yes, they have an Enya quality about the band, but Enya is the sister of band members Máire, Ciarán and Pól Ó Braonáin and was once a member of the band herself. And I'm guessing there are only so many styles to sing in Celtic, hence the similarities.

While I did like some of their songs, I won't deny it became tedious to listen to for any length of time. Some of their English speaking songs were better than Celtic, but the latter had their moments.

My choice is the theme from the never-seen (by me) Harry's Game. Honestly, I don't think the song has a name other than "the Theme from Harry's Game".

Clocking in at only two and one-half minutes, anyone can tolerate almost any song for that length of time.

The video is a bad transfer. Just horrible. And Máire Brennan looks like a bad version of Marcia Clark. Though lord, to have the guy's butt chin at the 0:49 mark.

That alone will probably get you to hit 'play'.


Erik Rubright said...

I have a couple Clannad albums, but would be hard-pressed to actually name any songs off of them. They're more... elevator music to me, not to say I don't like them.

Ur-spo said...

I love Enya; this is the first time I have heard her in the context of Clannad.